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I have recently travelled overseas from the UK and carried this with
me for extra peace of mind as it was my first time travelling since last
year in March. I am so very grateful as this product is travel friendly
and an absolute must to ease travel anxiety- on my list already for
gifting to friends and family!

Chris Wynn

lascio sempre all’entrata della porta. Con i tempi che corrono meglio
prevenire che curare. Quando rientro a casa lascio lo smartphone, chiavi
e portafoglio sotto questa lampada in modo tale che possa eliminare
tutti i batteri.
La lampada in sè sembra funzionare. Non so se tolga davvero i batteri in quanto sarebbe quasi impossibile scoprirlo ahahah.
Alcune volte capita pure di portarlo in giro. Avendo la batteria si può utilizzare ovunque.


Very interesting device. I have an old iphone which doesnt support
wireless charging so I cannot comment ob the charging function of this
steriliser. The sterilising function itself is great (as far as I can
tell since I can’t see the germs) the phone smells of ozon (the smell
printers make), I believe it is the sign of this device working. If you
sterilise your phone you will have to run it twice since you need to
flip the phone for a proper sterilisation


This product is amazing! For someone who is very conscious of germs
and bacteria in normal times to have this whilst the world fights
Covid-19 is a blessing. Easy to use, add your own essential oils if
desired and know that even the most strenuous viruses are zapped from
whatever you can fit in there. It will fit an Apple Watch if you detach
one of the straps and lay it in alongside. I’ve done phones, wallets,
keys, watches, jewellery and just wondering what else I can find to put
in there now. Bought two of these and my partner loves it too!

C SelMed

Despite me thinking ' how do I know that my items are being properly
sterilised? ' It's just so Space Aged!! I do enjoy using this product.
We have a cash only business and I pop money into it for about 18 mins
and leave it to do its job. The cordless charging feature is a bonus and
charges reasonably quickly. Gives peace of mind at these crazy times.

chong lai